Heimatverein Varel e.V. Heritage Museum in 1952 the local heritage society bought the property and building located at Neumarktplatz 3 After an extensive and expensive phase of restauration the heritage museum was opening to the public in 1954. The museum undrewent successive phases of expansion in 1967 and 1971, and was eventually renamed “Schienfatt”, literally, “shining barrel” or brass lantern to serve the dual functions of museum and restaurant in one. The “Bentinck Room” comprises the main section of the restaurant and house memorabilia from the former estate of Count Bentinck. The “Hearth Room” displays authentic kitchen utensils of the period, while the “Aldenburg Room” showcases furniture and  other period pieces. Lobby with  main entrance Bentinck and Aldenburg Gallery Memorabilia from the era of the Imperial Navy and the German Colonies in 1900 Model  of Varel Palace Conversation pieces and curiosa from Varel`s past centuries . Return to Start Guide              Schienfatt